How to Telnet. *Old School

So lets say that you want to get a 200 request from a website such as: How would you go about accomplishing that? What about

The structure of the telnet request is:

telnet portnumber (press enter)

GET (space) HTTP/1.1


  • telnet is the command, this is separated by a single space.
  • Then the URL of the site that you are making the telnet request to.
  • Followed by the port number, in most cases a website would be port 80.
  • Once you press Enter, you will put the request type.
  • In this instance GET (note the caps) then the request protocol HTTP/1.0 or 1.1. Then press Enter.
  • To finish the request type | host: and select Enter.

NOTE: If you want to output the request into a text file, you can use: telnet 80 > telnetoutput.txt | This will place the output of the request into a text file in the current directory.



How to Telnet. *Old School

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